Studio Pedroli Venier & Associates has achieved, since decades, an outstanding position within the world of professional tax consulting firms in the Province of Bergamo. The activity started in 1934, when Dott. Piero Pedroli, after an initial training within the banking sector, set – up the Office and begun its professional work. Nowadays, the Office is run by seven associated partners and more than 60 employees and consultants.
The founder Dott. Piero Pedroli, during the years, has been joined by Dott. Marco Venier, Dott. Sergio Pedroli, Dott. Adalberto Bottazzoli, Dott. Alessandro Masera, Dott. Fabio Sannino, Dott. Renato Tassetti, and Dott.ssa Anna Venier.
The Office’s activity mainly consist in specialty advisory consultancy to companies and individual entrepreneur in the different stages of the business life cicle, such as start-up, development, growth management and final liquidation..
Relevant are also the consultancy activities performed on such matters as Tax planning and Tax litigations.
The consultancy activities also includes advising on commercial contracts and laws.


Furthermore, the Associates are often appointed by the Local Court as expert for special duties in lawsuit, bankruptcy, ecc...
The internal organization, that works in close connection with the Associated Consultants, is structured in order to both carry - on the daily duties and keep itself constantly updated on accountig and tax matters, trough the participation either to internal and external seminaries and specialty courses.
To the business, commercial and tax advising, during the years has grown the account – keeping activities for all kind of entrepreneurial business – even based out of the Province of Bergamo - either for small and medium companies, individual firms, artisan and family based firms, no-profit organizations.
The efficient organization of the Office, has always allowed to its founder, first, and to its Associated colleagues, afterward, to assume relevant appointments in Local Institutions (Dott. Piero Pedroli was Assessor to Finance for Lombardia Regional Government and vice – Mayor in the Municipality of Bergamo; Dott. Venier member both of the Provincial Government and in the Municipality of Bergamo). Both of them have been in charge as President of the Local Order of Chartered Accountants; role that, as to the end of year 2007, has been covered by Dott. Alessandro Masera, one of the Partner of the Office.
Finally, the Office’s Partners are often involved in relevant business transaction; they works as Auditors for important Italian and international companies, and they are committed to no-profit and social organizations, as a completion of their lively presence in the regional social life.